Ardora 9 creating web-based learning content

VERSION 9.4 - 17/01/2023


A multimedia board page created with this version or a higher one can now be added as a "tool".


WordMaster: a new interactive activity..


Text and images: There is a new functionality allowing us to introduce "tooltips" for a group of words in the text.
Book: the number of pages has been increased to 100. There is now also the chance to insert links.

VERSION 9.3 - 05/09/2022


Possibility of enlarging/reducing and displaying the full screen of the space by including some buttons at the bottom of the web space..


Complete text: this activity includes now the possibility of displaying the images alongside the text in a larger size.


Board: new features. It is now possible to save the content of your board. New options (rectangles, polygons, circles...) have been added to the drawing tool. It is now possible to create different types of graphics/diagrams by adding arrows which connect the different elements present on the board.


the possibility of grouping links and library elements in "submenus" for a better navigation from the toolbar has been added.


The " annotations ", " album ", " recorder " and " poster " activities have been improved, as well as their integration within the "desktop" utility.

  • TEMAS:

Themes for the "basico_02" group have been improved.

VERSI0N 9.2 - 04/04/2022


The accessibility of interactive activities (except for "Blockly" and "geometry") and multimedia pages (except for "board" and "SVG") has been improved.


Tangram: the possibility of rotating the pieces by double-clicking on them (also on tactile output devices) has been added.


Interactive panoramic viewer: the options of indicating points on the graph itself and the display of "tooltips" when hovering over certain areas have been added. At the time of creating this update, the option to scroll a section of an image only works correctly in Chromium-derived browsers such as Chrome, Opera or Brave, but not in Firefox. If the section of the image to be viewed is the same size as the image itself then it works correctly in any current browser.

VERSIÓN FOR MACOS 64bits: on an experimental basis, it is possible to choose as a server the own internal server that MacOS distributions have, by choosing the "Internal" option in the Utilities menu - Set up Ardora - Local server path. However,  if you want to create "pages on server" or "desktop", updating the PHP version that, by default, the different distributions have to 8.0 or higher, is recommended. Nevertheless, the option of using an "external" web server, as discussed in the corresponding tutorials, is still perfectly valid.

VERSION 9.1 - 01/06/2021


jpeg extension for images has been added.

Select words in a paragraph: the error on Mac when reopening the paragraph for editing has been fixed.


Book: We can now also add sound and video to each page and the backgrounds of each page " fill" the whole page.

File manager: log files are created in order to record information on uploaded and deleted files.

Messenger: links to URLs and image, audio or video files can now be attached.

INTERNAL WEB SERVER (Windows only). The Windows version includes an internal server and therefore it is no longer necessary to install it, although it is still possible to preview with another server so that the user can have the option of configuring this server.

VERSION 9.0 - 06/01/2021


Any alphabet can now be used while designing the activities, even the aphabets used in those languages which Ardora is not translated into.
Complete text: The possibility of displaying the text in different columns has been added.
Complete tables: You can now include images and/or sounds. The possibility of entering text by using a microphone has also been added (Be careful! This option will only work with these two browsers: “Chrome” or “Maxthon”).
Ordering words: You can now decide if the sentences will be displayed "randomly" or in the same order "similar to that designed".
Select images/sounds: The possibility of displaying the questions randomly is now available.
Package of activities: The option of connecting the execution of the different activities in a package to a multimedia content has been added.
-With a user management system: teachers can now erase the data of the students' progress. We can also specify that when the student accesses a package a second or subsequent times, the system will automatically send him/her to the first unresolved activity. Each student can now check the data stored about his or her own progress.


Carousel: New multimedia page.
Board: Several new features have been added to this multimedia page: It now allows you to select different line backgrounds and use sounds and video. The option of recording the actions which will be performed on that page (or any other element displayed on the screen of our computer) with or without audio is now available.


Recorder: New page within a server activity.
Messenger: New tool to quickly make contact between the members of a certain group (teachers and students).
Chat: The bug in php 7 when using strange characters as the letter “ñ” or written accents has been fixed.
File manager: Several new features are now available: you now have the possibility of renaming files, dragging a file into a folder, rotating images, as well as a menu (right button) allowing you to copy, cut and paste. From your personal folder you can directly record sound, video and whatever is displayed on the screen of your computer, saving them in the folder you choose.


Desktop: A new utility which allows the creation of virtual desktops for our students. Once there, the teachers of a certain group can add any web content (either created with Ardora or with any other software), add and remove users, specify links and "shortcuts" and include other tools such as a file manager, a word processor, messaging systems, an agenda...