Ardora 9 creating web-based learning content
Ardora is multilingual; there’s no need to install any additional files to change the language, just choose the language you want to work with in the "Language" menu. Currently, you can choose these options: Galician, Catalan, Basque, Spanish, Portuguese, English, Aragonese, Russian, Romanian, Asturian, French and Italian .

If you want to translate Ardora into another language, please contact the author; the translation process is very simple.

Versions of Catalan, Basque, Portuguese, English, Asturian, Aragonese, Romanian, Russian, French and Italian are available thanks to the collaboration of:

Catalan Inmaculada Vilatersana Basque Mikel Etxarri
Portuguese PT Luís Valente Aragonese Santiago Bal
Portuguese BR Lisandro Magela Russian Olesya Petrovai
English Bautista Ramos Rumanian Sorin Todor
French María J. Gómez Asturian Xulio Berros
Italian Giorgio Musilli    

The following teachers selflessly collaborated in creating manuals and tutorials as well as testing the different beta versions: José Boo, José Antonio Martínez, Bautista Ramos, José Fernandez and Daniele De Stefano (italian translation of this website).

Ardora has had an online presence for a decade. So, I wish to express my eternal gratitude to all those teachers that by contributing their suggestions, reviews, comments, bug reports, etc., have made this tool possible.