Ardora 9 creating web-based learning content

Manuals    B = example
M = video tutorial (spanish)l

1.- Basic points:

1.- Download and setup of the program   2.- Introduction    

2.- Utils:

0.- IMPORTANT: Previews    1.- Package of activities B B B    2.- Package of activities with user control.
3.- Web sites B B B M   4.- Virtual desktop       M

3.- How to ...?:

1.- Ardora content on Moodle   2.- Local web server    3.- Creating webquest with Ardora B
4.- Adding Ardora content to Moodle-cloud  

4.- Interactive activity:

Points, Time, Messages and Statement    
Activities with graphic: Word games: Complete: Associate:
Album B B Word search B Complete words BBB Match words BB
Graphical pannel B B B CrosswordB Text B BB B Sentences-PicturesB B
Jigsaw puzzleB B HangmanB BB Tables B B B Memory game B B
Colour according to legend BB CheckerboardB    
  Word building B B    
Ordering: Choosing: Statistical graphics :  
Sentences B B B Words from a paragraph B BB Lines and bars B B ClassifyB B
PáragraphB B Words to be corrected B B Pie B Auto-dictationsB B
PicturesB B Maze B   QuizB B
  Picture points B B   DiagramsB B
  Pictures / Sounds B BB    
Units of measurement: Calculation: Geometry: Blockly:
Money B BBB Numerical puzzle B  Symmetries, ... BB Movement and geometry B B
ClocksB B Numerical crossword B B
  Calculator B Pentominoes B  

5.- Multimedia web page:

Image gallery BB Text and images B B B Tabs/Accordion panel B B Zoom B
Interactive panoramic viewer B Web 2.0 B Book B BB Board B B B
Audio player B Video player B Dashboard B B SVG B B B 


6.- Page within a server

Chat  Comments s.  
User management Messenger M Poster
Collective album Timeline B Recorder B
Collective annotations File manager M